Our Story

VitalSigns has its roots in a Biodesign* project which started in 2019. Partners in the collaborative research were Aalto-university, Helsinki University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and Helsinki University Hospital.

Our team spent a month in the cardiac intervention unit of the Helsinki University Hospital observing the daily work of professionals. We also conducted numerous interviews with doctors and nurses.

One thing we realised was that doctors and nurses were still using the stethoscope, a device invented 200 years ago. The most commonly used medical device in the world has evolved rather incrementally in two centuries. Additionally the staff used multiple other devices to detect patient’s biosignals.

Building on decades of research in the stakeholder organisations, we started our journey to bring the stethoscope to the space age.

The project receive Research to Business funding from Business Finland in 2020. VitalSigns Ltd. was established by the research team turned founders in September 2022.

*Biodesign is a concept developed in Stanford University. The basic idea was to create a process to make sure health care innovations are need based and addressing real world problems. A multidisciplinary team of professionals is sent to the hospital environment for an immersion period, during which they observe the daily work of the staff and interview them. A list of ”needs” is compiled which is later shortlisted to a few and then one that a feasible solution can be provided.